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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pearl Haya (9)

                                            12140-B P2-M RM95  

13534-B P2-M RM95   

13596-B P3-M RM105   

      13697-G P2-L RM95

 13799-G P2-L RM95    

14894-G (S)P2-M RM  

    14982-P P2-M RM95

  15376-P P3M RM105    

15452-G (S)P2-M RM99 

16180-G (S)P2-M RM110

       16283-G P2-M RM95

    16645-G P2-M RM99  

        17833-P P2-M RM99

        17946-P P2-M RM95

        17951-P P2-M RM95

  17996-P (S)P2-M RM125

  RTN 00139 P3-M RM105

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