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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pearl Haya (10)

1143-S  P2-M  RM85
1403-S (S)P2-M RM115
1521-S PIEL-M RM105
1570-B (S)P2-M RM95
1579-S (S)P2-M RM115
1965-S  P2-M  RM95
2034-S P2-M RM100
2897-G  P2-S  RM89
3265-B IS-P1-M RM95
3270-S  P2-M  RM85
3908-G IS-P1-M RM95
3944-S  P2-M  RM85
4884-S P3-M RM109
5139-S  P2-M  RM99
5192-S  P2-M  RM99
5395-P (S)P2-M RM99
5487-S (S)P2-M RM85
5501-S  P3-S  RM95
5930-S P2-M RM99
7773-G IS-P1-M RM95
9592-B  P2-L  RM95
14836-B (S)P2-M RM99
15544-B  P3-M  RM105
16539-G P2-L RM99
16712-B P2-S RM99
16934-B P2-M RM99
17197-B P2-M RM95
17265-B (s)P3-M RM105
17522-B  P2-M  RM89
17733-B  P2-M  RM99
18061-B (S)P2-M RM95
18098-B  P2-M  RM95
18117-B  (S)P2-M  RM95
19120-P P2-M RM95
19656-G P2-M RM99
19930-G (S)P2-M RM99
19985-P P2-S RM99
20365-G P3-M RM95
20549-P P2-S RM95
20606-G (S)P3-L RM105, 17110-B P2-M RM95
20645-9 P2-M RM99
20653-G (S)P2-M RM95
20948-P P2-M RM95
21216-P  P2-M  RM95
21262-P P2-M RM85
21501-G  P2-M  RM95
21570-P P3-M RM105
21624-P  P2-M  RM95
21679-P P2-M RM95, 21991-P P3-L RM105
21691-G (S)P2-M RM95
21754-G P2-M RM99
21776-G P3-M RM105
21869-P (S)P2-M RM95
22057-P (S)P2-M RM95
22261-P  P2-M  RM95, 18014-B P3-M RM105
22348-P  P2-M  RM95
22353-P P2-M RM95
4078-P IS-P1-M RM95

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