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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pearl Haya 1

PH116 (S)P2-L RM99

PH115 P2-M RM95

PH114 P3-M RM105

PH113 P3-L RM105

PH111(S)P3-M RM105

PH109 (S)P3-M RM99

PH108 P3-L RM105

PH107 P2-M RM95, P3-S RM105

PH106 (S)P3-M RM99

PH104 P3-L RM109

PH103 (S)P3-M RM105

PH102 (S)P2-L RM95

PH101 (S)P2-S RM99

PH100 (S)P2-M RM99

PH99 (S)P2-M RM95

PH93 (S)P2-S RM95

PH92 (S)P2-L RM89

PH91 (S)P2-M RM99

PH90 (S)P2-M RM99

PH89 (S)P2-M RM95

PH88 (S)P2-M RM99

PH87 P3-L RM109

PH86 (S)P2-L RM99

PH85 (S)P2-M RM99

PH84 P2-M RM85

PH83 P2-M RM99

PH82 (S)P2-M RM99

PH81 (S)P2-M RM169

PH80 P2-M RM159

PH79 (S)P2-M RM99

PH78 (S)P2EL-M RM99

PH77 (S)P2-M RM95, (S)P3-M RM105, P3-M RM105

PH76 (S)P2-M RM99

PH75 (S)P2-M RM99

PH74 (S)P2EL-M RM99

PH73 (S)P2-M RM95

PH72 (S)P2-L RM99

PH71 (S)P2-M RM95

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