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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tudung Pearl Haya 3

33632-P (S)P2-M RM169

33707-P P3-M RM105

22983-P P2-M RM99

30552-P P2-M RM89
26075-B (S)P2-M RM89

26100-B (S)P2-M RM89
26119-B (S)P2-M RM99

26192-B (S)P2-L RM89
26213-B (S)P2-L RM89
26341-B P4-L RM39
27742-G (S)P2-M RM95

28048-G (S)P3-M RM105

28116-G P2-M RM95
28210-G (S)P2-M 85
28381-G (S)P2-S RM85
29237-G (S)P2-M RM95
30016-P P2-L RM85
30552-P P2-M RM89
31015-P P2-M RM95
31624-P (S)P2-M RM95
31672-P (S)P3-M RM105

31718-P (S)P3-M RM105
31738-P (S)P3-M RM105

31888-P (S)P2-S RM95

32124-P (S)P2-M RM95

32323-P P3-L RM99

32431-P P3-M RM105

32670-P (S)P2-M RM159
32681-P (S)P2-MRM95
33323-P (S)P2-M RM99
33337-P (S)P2-L RM99
33343-P P3-M RM105

33486-P P4-M RM39
33540-P (S)P2-M RM95

28105-G P2-M RM95
25378-B P3-M RM105

26030-B P2-M RM95

26045-B (S)P2-M RM89

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