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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pearl Haya (8)

7528-P (P2-M) RM89 & 5848-G S(P2-M) RM89
5631-B S(P2-L) RM89 & 6661-P S(P2-M) RM89

5099-G (P2-M) RM95

7546-P S(P2-M) RM89
36325 (P2-M) RM89

36313 (P2-S) RM85

7739-P (P2-M) RM95

7665-P (P3-M) RM99
7399-P (P3-M) RM99

7304-P (P2-M) RM95

7240-P (P3-M) RM99

7182-P S(P2-M) RM85

7168-P (P2-M) RM85

6541-P (P2-M) RM95
6323-B (P2-L) RM89 & 6404-B (P3-L) RM99
6211-B (P3-M) RM95
6199-P (P2-M) RM85

6180-B (P3-L) RM95
6111-B (P3-L) RM105

5932-G (P3-L) RM95
5868-G (P3-L) RM105
5746-P (P3-L) RM99

5714-G (P3-L) RM105
5624-G S(P2-M) RM85
5511-B (P2-M) RM69
5494-G (P2-M) RM85 & 5800-B S(P3-M) R95
5445-G (P2-M) RM89

5418-G (P2-M) RM85
5325-B (P3-M) RM89
5242-G (P2-M) RM89 & 6774-P (P3-L) RM89

5204-B (P2-M) RM95
5111B S(P2-S) RM95

5021-G (P3-M) RM105
4635-G (P2-M) RM85
4622-G S(P2-M) RM85
4541-P (P3-M) RM99
4383-B S(P2-M) RM75 & 3594-B (P3-M) RM85

4382-P S(P2-M) RM85
3955-B (P2-M) RM95
3386-G (P3-M) RM99

3325-G (P2-M) RM79
2977-P (P2-M) RM89
2350-B S(P2-M) RM95

2340-B (P2-M) RM85

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