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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pearl Haya (6)

36039 (P2-L) RM85

33915 S(P2-M) RM95

4653-P S(P2-M) RM95

4577-P (P3-M) RM105

4455-P S(P2-M) RM99

4407-P (P2-M) RM85

4130-P (P3-M) RM105

4059-P (IS-P1-M) RM95

4033-P (P2-S) RM89

3938-P S(P2-S) RM89

3772-B (P2-M) RM85

3749-B (P3-M) RM105

3732-B (P2-M) RM85

3700-B S(P2-M) RM85

3698-B (P3-M) RM95

3460-B S(P2-M) RM99

3364-B (P2-M) RM95

3307-P S(P2-M) RM65

3259-B (P2-S) RM95

3072-G S(P2-S) RM85

3071-G S(P2-M) RM85

3066-G (P2-L) RM85

3045-B S(P2-S) RM95

3006-G S(P2-L) RM89

2979-B S(P2-M) RM95

2973-G S(P2-M) RM95

2948-G S(P2-M) RM85

2884-G S(P2-M) RM89

2862-G S(P2-M) RM95

2860-B (P3-M) RM105

2810-G S(P2-M) RM95

2660-G S(P2-M) RM65

2587-G (P3-M) RM105

1202-B (P3-S) RM79

1168-P (P2-M) RM85

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